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Postcard with National Flag for information about international Munzwesen showing embossed images of the coinage of Mexico and flag. H.S.M. D.P.G.M.N. 218054. Circa 1910. Unused.
$35.00 Item #MZP-CUR-001
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Herzlichen GlŁkwunsch zum Gerburtstage 'Congratulations on your Birthday' showing coins and currency. T. S. N. Serie 127. Inscribed Berlin, Nov. 25 - 1912. Unused.
$20.00 Item #GEC-GRT-001
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Higgins & Gage #38, 467-468, RA75 1939
Greece 20d and 40d Doric Column and Greek Flag with 40L Coin Overprinted 1d Postal Tax Stamp 1945 Abhna 28 Oktrep Illustrated Postmark. First Day on Reverse of 2D Battle of Salamis Postal Card.
Used canceled to order.
$15.00 Item #GRCU038C1
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United States
Scott #1855, 1734 1982
13c Crazy Horse Great American with 13c Indian Penny Crazy Horse, SD 57730 First Day of Issue. Land's End cachet #73 of 94.
$5.00 Item #USA1855C02
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